Monday, December 13, 2010

Puppy Pile


The red boy!  Weighs in at 10 3/4 oz.


He's the little guy at 9 3/4 oz.  He has a wide blaze, a thin line in his collar and white on his stifles.


David has a wide blaze, full collar and a stripe up his right hip.  He is the second largest at 10 7/8 oz. 


She has a full collar, white on her stifles on both sides.  She weighs 10 1/2 oz.  She needs a new side picture - not sure what happened to her back end.


Brindle girl with a beauty mark dot on her left hip.  Has an island in her collar.  She's the bruiser of the group at 11 1/8 oz.


Brindle girl with thin blaze and half collar.  Her back left leg is all brindle. She weighed 10 1/2 oz.